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  • Credit Emails & Solo Ads
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  • Member-to-Member Payments
  • Earn 100% Commissions On The OTO
  • & 50% On Other Upgrades
  • Win Ads & Cash Clicking Ads
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With 17+ years in online business, Frank Salinas has helped thousands advertise and make money, offering marketers a trusted source of global traffic.

Responsive Ads

We offer prizes to random members for clicking ads, boosting the effectiveness your credit emails, solo ads, text ads, login ads, and banners that help YOU grow your business!

Global Marketing

Drive Traffic with Login Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, and Credit Emails To Buyers From All Over The World

Earn Commissions

Earn up to 100% commissions on One-Time Offer upgrades, and 50% on other upgrades. If you can't accept a payment method, the admin pays you 80% via Wise! (details inside)

100% Targeted

Boost your business with high-quality, targeted traffic for work-from-home offers, affiliate marketing, list building, MLM, bizops, and more!

$97 Free Account

Join for free and email 500 members every 3 days! Enjoy all the benefits of your $97 value membership for as long as you like, absolutely free of charge and with no hidden costs.

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Rewarded For Activity.

Random members can win "Ads & Cash" just for clicking on ads which gets everyone more traffic.

Always Improving.

We are always working on improving the experience and results for all members.

Ads on Demand.

Buy more ads when you want!

Proven Advertising!

Tap into our proven system to "Get You Leads! backed by our years of online advertising experience!

And much more...

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"When it comes to highly effective advertising, you can NEVER go wrong with Frank Salinas!

With Frank's newest Blockbuster 150 Mailer, you are assured the very best in advertising of your banners, text links, login ads and it has a solo mailer that Flat-Out produces results!

After marketing for over 25 years online, I know Frank is the real deal who always over-delivers, always pays and always gives the best support.

Make 150 Mailer a part of your Traffic Arsenal Today!"

Richard Daigle

"I love Frank's sites so I jumped right onto his newest - 150 Mailer - and took advantage of the OTO.

I recommend you do the same!

It looks like it's going to be the best so far."

Linda Huggins

"Frank Salinas is a "stand up guy", which is rare in the online marketing world. He truly cares about the results of his members and creates tools that deliver signups and sales.

His other site, 100 Percent Clicks has been continually ranked highly on the Traffic Wise list of top-converting traffic sources. Traffic Wise is completely based on results, not opinion, so I know his traffic and methods deliver.

Thanks again for quality products Frank!"

Matthew Graves


We know that if you try out the site for free, you will like the results you get from our free ads so much that you will want to upgrade!
150 Mailer is a credit-based safelist. A credit-based safelist is a platform where members earn credits by viewing ads, which they can then use to send out their own promotional emails to other members. It's a targeted and effective way to advertise work-from-home offers, affiliate marketing opportunities, build email lists, and promote business opportunities (bizops). All members will receive emails from other members, which may include credit emails or solo ads. Members can earn credits by clicking on the URLs in these emails.
In 150 Mailer, credits are used to send emails to other members (one credit per recipient). Additionally, members can use their earned credits to acquire banner ads, text ads, login ads, and solo ads, each with a specific credit cost. Alternatively, these ads can be purchased directly. Credits are earned by interacting with ads from other members on the platform.
Yes, we offer four membership levels: Free, Gold, Platinum, and Elite VIP. Each level allows members to email more recipients compared to lower levels. For example, Gold members can email 1,000 members every 2 days (compared to 500 members every 3 days for free members) Once you join you will be made a special offer to upgrade to Gold. Gold is the 1st paid membership which allows you to reach more members via your emails!
All members will earn 100% of the One-Time Offer paid directly to the member if they have the payment method available that their referral chooses. (more on that in a moment).

On top of that, all members earn 50% of the other 2 upgrade offers! Every other sale goes to you, the member.

This means 1 out of every 2 sales goes straight to you for the other 2 upgrade offers (Platinum & Elite VIP). HUGE! There is no waiting around weeks to get paid. You get paid member to member if your referral is paying one of the ways you have set up to get paid. Let us explain...

All members who join have these 7 options to pay:
Cash App
Debit/Credit Card

READ THIS -->> If you're in a country where your payment options are limited or for some reason you can't open an account with one of the options above.. what we do is this:

Every payment method you leave blank in your Profile will show the admin info on the offers and the site will automatically add 80% commissions to your account once the admin marks the payment as confirmed. Admin will keep 20% for fees and processing since we pay out once per week. You need a minimum of just $10 to be paid out commissions.

So what does this mean? Let's say you are in a place where your only options are Bitcoin and Litecoin but you think that only offering those 2 options will limit people wanting to pay when you refer them..

Well, now what will happen is they will see the other ways to pay but will pay the admin instead for those that you don't have.

Then once they pay, admin will mark them as paid and now will pay you out via the options that YOU CAN ACCEPT once per week!

How cool is that!? This means lots of opportunities for you to get paid!

Don't worry. If you do not understand it at first, once you start earning commissions and get paid it will all make sense.
We have easy-to-follow video training with new videos being added often. And support is just 1 click away inside the members area.

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